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Baby H Maternity Session

desert maternity session

A mini adventure at White Mesa...

Because we are still fairly new to New Mexico, I have been researching new locations to explore as a family and also with future clients! I love finding random spots that don’t otherwise look like the “perfect” spot for pictures because it can be challenging at times and require some extra creativity. This random pull off at White Mesa definitely fit into that category, but also turned into exactly what I hoped it would for our family maternity session!

Go figure, we had actually driven right by the initial spot I had in mind… and kept driving….does anyone else’s husband NOT turn around for…miles?!  It turned out fine but at the time I wasn’t so sure we were going to find what I wanted before losing the dreamy light. 

But alas, all was well, and between myself, Austin, and the tripod, we snagged some awesome pictures of our little family to cherish the time before baby H comes into our lives! 

PS. Just a quick little note to other expecting mommas who may read this and be on the hunt for a maternity dress similar to mine.. This is from PinkBlush maternity! Their selection is great and you can never go wrong with a neutral dress for pictures!

rio rancho family maternity session
rio rancho family maternity session
rio rancho family maternity session

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