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Best of 2017

This will be my last blog post of 2017! I had SO many blessings this year, God is good. On January 1, 2017, I became a licensed small business owner here in Germany and over the course of the year, I watched myself grow in many ways that I’m extremely proud of. I had the most AMAZING clients, who I now consider friends. I learned something about photography, lighting, and myself before, throughout, and after each session. I invested in further education and equipment, and even turned an extra room in my house into a studio. Of course I couldn’t have achieved this without the awesome support system I have at home, namely my husband! And from two very patient kids, who were occasionally models for a social media post, or ‘just because’!

Of course with strengths come areas to be improved! I am the first to admit that social media is challenging for me. If I could delete every platform and just go by word-of-mouth, I totally would! But, I can’t. So I have channelled this weakness (and occasional dislike) into something positive, and I do little things here and there, to help me remain organized and present on social media forums without going too far out of my comfort zone. One little insight: I schedule all of my posts on Facebook and use a social media plan, in which I plan the images I post to Instagram and when. This has helped me a lot over the course of the last six months!

In 2018, I am seeking to challenge myself and my abilities; focusing on newborns, couples and (hopefully!) weddings. We will see what the new year brings!

But first, I am highlighting my top ten milestone moments from 2017. Although ALL my sessions are memorable in their own way, some moments stick out and are unique for one reason or another. So, without further to-do!…

My first at-home studio session with two little beauties: Aubrey and Brooklyn!

Photographing with Nadine, a fellow photographer and friend, in May when I was stateside in Maryland for a course!

The most magical mother-daughter shoot ever in existence at Karlstal. I still can’t get over all the tiny bridges criss-crossing over the stream. It’s in places like this, where fairy tales feel real.

This family was the first full-family session I photographed at the Kusel castle (Burg Lichtenberg)! The weather was perfect and I couldn’t ask for more kind and beautiful people to work with. I am also obsessed with this black gate, and I think I have been back to the Kusel castle at least 15 times since this session!

Rebekah was one of the first friends I met here in Germany in 2015, and I knew her family would be PERFECT in this setting, which I utilized as the face to my first marketing campaign in September. Following this session… I had my minis!..

My fall mini sessions were so great!!! I loved every family and couple! This family was the last, on the most crazy-weather day of the entire year (of course!!). I love seeing personalities of little ones come out during family sessions.  One of their handsome boys picked me a flower mid-shoot. I was a hot mess. Mini sessions are no joke – they are hard work! The weather was so insane that I had been rained on, wind intervals ranged from 15 to 23 kph so my hair was ridiculous, and then occasionally the sun peaked through the clouds; I was beat! But his flower made my entire day, and reminded me why I love this job so much.

Next up is a dual-couple shoot with dear friends at the Falkenstein castle, where we were graced with one of the most gorgeous evenings of the fall. Sometimes it feels like I live at the Kusel castle. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous place! But there are SO MANY gems in Germany, sometimes less is more. And I felt like this location was the best fit, and the most meaningful, to the four folks below.

Back to the Kusel castle for this one. Second most magical session for me all year. Eliana had on a pink princess dress with American flag shoes..seriously, so adorable!!

This session followed their father’s promotion ceremony, and just look at all those smiles!!!

Last but not least….. so awesome meeting this handsome couple! ‘Talking shop’, or photography, with other photographers is extremely refreshing, encouraging, and inspiring.  I got to talk shop throughout a good chunk of the session with these two!

But aside from these “bonus” moments, I enjoyed every second with everyone I met in 2017! Thank you so much for being a part of my first year in business!….

Happy New Year!!

XOXO, Kaitlyn


  • Hi, Kaitlyn! Your mom forwarded your blog to me. I’m so impressed! Your work looks like you’ve been a professional photographer for many years. Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much Mrs. Hart!! Photography is such a creative outlet for me, so I’m so thankful it’s turned into so much more. Hope you and your family are doing well!!


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