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First Year in Business – Complete!

Okay, 2017 was officially the fastest year of my life! Anyone else feel this way?? Although fast, it was pretty awesome. I am so thankful for all who walked into my life during my first year in business, and I can’t wait to meet those who walk in during year two! I truly feel like I have about 20 new friends because of this passion that I chose to follow in 2016. Thank you so much to those reading who chose to support me this past year!!

Some may know, that although I have gone through several cameras in life, I picked up my first DSLR four Christmas’ ago, as a gift from my mother-in-law to my husband and I. Well it’s obvious that I never put it down, and got consumed by photography and everything about it, most especially learning my DSLR in manual mode and utilizing natural light into order to photograph images that don’t need an excess of post-production and editing. It’s been a year of investments into my business and I now have a separate little camera body, lens, and flash family + additional equipment in my studio, so I’ve come a long way from my little Canon Powershots and Canon T3i! But I still remember and appreciate those early days 🙂

Looking forward…
My 2018 resolutions/commitments on the personal side:
1. Read more – BOOKS! And turn off the social media feeds.
2. Lead the Mommy & Me bible/book study every Thursday morning at the RAB chapel
3. Travel (even more!)
4. Finally create those family photo albums with all three million pictures I have on my computer
5. Set time aside each day where I put away my work and phone to teach the kids something unique – either in the kitchen, garden, or on a map.

It may just become a tradition that I include family pictures on these annual posts, because 1. why not and 2. it’s living proof that even photographers’ children barely sit still for pictures! It’s totally normal. And we are about as real life as it gets.. trust me!

Comment below to inspire me with your 2018 resolutions! And as always, thanks for reading!

Yes… we had to chase them everywhere!
That sun was PERFECT. And I’ve been teaching Austin how to use my camera so I can get in some pictures with the kids too! Moms – GET IN PICTURES WITH YOUR KIDS!

May God bless you and your family in 2018!



  • The lighting is so lovely in these photos!! I love how the boys’ personalities shine through!!! You do an amazing job at capturing the spirit of your precious and beautiful family! God bless you all!

    • Taryn – Girl you’re so sweet!! Thank you!! Hard to believe this was already 2.5 years ago!? When are we hopping on a plane to germany for a mom-trip!??


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