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Everything you need to know about Your

   Family Session


A letter to you

Dear Families, 

Booking a family portrait session is one of those life events that can be wonderful and exciting!.. but also a tad stressful. From figuring out the little details of lining schedules up perfectly and outfit choices, to seasonal inspiration and getting everyone on board to get behind a camera is honestly a lot of work! I am a wife and a mom, and I think about these things too. My heart is with you as you take time aside to book this for your family and I can ASSURE you that I will be checking in and assisting you as much as I can prior to your session to ensure that everything leading up to our time together is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!


How I serve you

After full booking, I provide you with a welcome packet that includes information on how to go about planning and coordinating for your session. All of your major questions should be answered through the detailed guidance I provide!

Also, as I mentioned, I have children of my own and taking photographs of them can be sheer craziness sometimes!! I am so familiar with these moments and working through them patiently and with a good sense of humor feels quite natural!  

The big take away from reading this is that you feel confident that by our communication and customization of your session, you fully trust me to serve your family by providing a genuine and enjoyable time for mom and dad and the entire crew! 

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The Process 


First, let’s make sure we’re the perfect fit for each other!

Step 2: Booking

We’re the perfect fit and now it’s time to finalize booking!

Step 3: Welcome packet

I assist you in preparing for your session!

Step 4: Check in

About one week before your session I check-in with you to ensure we are on track for our date!

Step 5: SESSION day!

I get to hang with your crew!


FAMILY sessions begin at


For FULL details, please contact us.

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Family Session Style Guide

There is a lot to think about when it comes to planning for professional photos, especially for a family! I’ve created this guide to help you prep and get the most out of your photos!