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meet kaitlyn

photographer, U.S. Army veteran, baker, world traveler, Catholic, wife to Austin and mom to FIVE amazing little people

Although I’ve always loved photographs, I have not had a camera in my hand since the day I was born… but I do tend to gravitated to things that are naturally beautiful!

Sunrises and sunsets have always been my favorite time of the day.  I always thought that the light from the sun cast the most gorgeous presence over all of the earth and I used to take my sunglasses OFF just to soak it in when outside (still do!!).

That golden color is just so dreamy! From my own bridesmaid dresses, to my home decorating style, to my wardrobe, it’s unintentionally everywhere.. but I never dreamed that I would be physically soaking it in while photographing wonderful people in amazing places, and owning my own business doing so!

 But God truly directs our lives in ways beyond our imagination!

Pittsburgh Catholic Wedding Photographer

Although I haven’t carried a camera since birth, I have always loved creating things. From scrapbooks and photo albums for my siblings in high school, to painting, handcrafting Christmas wreaths, bread, and sewing outfits for my daughter or quilts without previous experience other than a Pinterest DIY board – I am a 100% hands-on, busy body who cannot sit still! Aside from creating, I am a wife to a really phenomenal guy who balances me out more than I would have thought possible 17 years ago when we first met in college. Together, we have five gorgeous kiddos (one angel baby in Heaven), and have spent the last 10 years of our marriage on the move – literally, due to the military.  From Pennsylvania to Colorado, and then over to Germany and then

New Mexico…to Ohio and now Pennsylvania,  we have been through a lot of changes together! 

Throughout all our family transitions, I have developed a passion for photography. Aside from the very cliche, ‘documenting special moments’ – I believe that my purpose as a photographer is beyond the obvious…

I believe that my purpose in this industry is to bring elements of friendship to the vendor-client relationship that is unlike MOST, and also, to bring a very special element of my faith into each client interaction and relationship that I have.



Be who you were meant to be 

and you will set the world on fire.

sAint Catherine of Siena

MY story:

the reason why

I do what I do

I love to create. I always have a vision when I walk into a situation as to how I want to frame it and what the finished product should look like. I am a perfectionist, to an extent. Simplicity and natural beauty have always stood out to me, and I just love to capture it. 

Photography is my creativity come alive. Whether it’s quiet moments with family or between the bride and groom on their wedding day, I love freezing that moment in time. It’s an important job, it gives our lives a heartbeat and keeps our history alive!

Kaitlyn Heacock Photography new mexico foothills
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