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Small Shop Shopping for Your Session

To Start...

Okay, a slight tongue twister of a title, but this post has been a loooong time coming because I’ve been dreaming it up for a few months now and I’m so excited to finally share!! My goal is to help my future brides, couples, and mothers when it comes time to prep for your session! 

As a mom myself AND someone who loves a new dress to wear, regardless of the occasion, I have been online shopping from a few specific boutiques for the last few years. Today’s blog post shares some insider information with all of you reading this! I hope it inspires you for your future engagement shoot or family portraits, and also helps to get you excited to shop for outfits!!!

I have a totally different blog post about picking out your outfits and color coordination, etc., which you can read HERE!!  I will always be a proponent for dressing up and wearing a dress to your session because it is elegant and beautiful, and compliments your figure in literally every way, even if you’re not used to or keen on wearing dresses normally. Bottom line, there’s really no such thing as ‘too dressed up’. 

I should clarify that I am not being paid to share these brands with you, they are just honestly some of my favorites! I have recommended them to friends and clients in the past because I have been happy with my purchases and the product itself, and I have been very happy with how it looks in photos!!

My Favorite Brands

1. Knotted Fern – Thanks to this boutique, my kids have looked super adorable for their Christmas pictures for the last two years!! I have also been extremely pleased with their women’s attire – everything is great quality and I always feel classy when wearing a KF product and I typically search their inventory first because I’m confident that I’ll be happy with what I receive in the mail! 

2. Citrus & Lemon – Do not skip their dress inventory!! There are various styles and the colors are beautiful! My Easter dress last year was from here and it was incredibly comfortable and I felt like a million bucks wearing it. If you are a nursing mother (me, last year!), you can filter to see which dresses are designed for the amazing season of life you are currently in!

3. Joyfolie – Hands down some of the most jaw-dropping dresses I’ve seen in an online boutique yet. The inventory that they have for little girls and junior girls is breathtaking!!! I am counting down the days until I can get my hands on one of these dresses for Evie to wear because they’re gorgeous. I have not YET ordered from Joyfolie because I have basically spent the last 5 years pregnant, and have found another option for maternity styles (which I’ve included on this list!) but I still think their products are worth looking into for the beautiful ladies who are reading this post!

4. PinkBlush – My main maternity go-to online shop. They also have non-maternity clothing as well! About 90% of my own maternity clothing has come from PinkBlush, and I also have reworn the items when not pregnant for years! They run sales frequently, so be sure to shop during an online sale. There are so many wonderful options for your photos through PinkBlush– pregnant or not!! 

5. VICI – his is a really great option for engagement photos because there’s a little something for everyone’s style. There is also a ‘bump friendly’ category too for expecting mommas! (Personal hint: I am 5’7″, and am typically a S/M, but I would advise that you order a size up from what you usually do if you’re ordering from VICI!)

6. Adelisa & Co – THE MOST ADORABLE CHILD SHOES ON PLANET EARTH. Take a scroll through some of my pictures on Instagram or ones that I’ve shared on Facebook (there are some below!).. if you see a photo of my kids from almost every time I’ve stuck them in front of my camera, they have on their A&Co shoes  – or “church shoes” as we call them. I will forever be a customer of this particular small shop because I am more than pleased at the quality of the craftsmanship and overall appearance of the shoe. 

I do clean them monthly with saddle soap, or whenever they need a good clean. It keeps the leather looking nice, even when the boys have scuffed the toes up pretty good running around outside. They also sell women’s and men’s shoes! So take a peek at their site, I can promise you that you’ll love their product as much as I do if you invest in them! 

7. Blanqi – This is a bonus tip for all my expecting mommas out there. You won’t find dresses on Blanqi, but you’ll find the BEST leggings and tank tops of your pregnant life!! The quality is fabulous and it helps you to feel put together, in every which way that you need it most – pregnant & postpartum. I have several tanks and a couple pairs of the leggings. I rely on them for at least 6 months of pregnancy, through delivery, and into the postpartum season, up until I feel like myself again.

8. Rent the Runway – I think the whole world is familiar with this company, and it’s obviously not a “small-shop”, but it’s an EXCELLENT resource for brides shopping for their engagement sessions, or for couple’s & anniversary shoots!!! 


cherry blossom family session
new mexico christmas family session

Where to Find Them!

ALL of the brands above can be found both online and through Instagram. I shop via both, and keep up with store sales and announcements through Instagram. 

If you do a scroll through my Instagram, almost all of my photos that feature me (!) also feature an article of clothing from one of the above brands!! Same with my kiddos, especially Evie. 

I hope this helps you get EXCITED for your upcoming session and ready to feel extra ready and beautiful on the day-of! 

If you have a favorite small shop not mentioned here, PLEASE comment below and share!!! I’m always on the hunt for great boutiques!! 

Thanks for reading!!!



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