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Stotz Family | Burg Lichtenberg

I send out a questionnaire to regular clients before we meet, inquiring as to what their vision is for their session so that I can align it with mine. One question in particular that Renee answered stuck with me throughout this shoot and the entire editing process:

“Is there anything specific you would like to capture in your photos?”
Her answer: “The love of our family.”

I know that I was the one behind the camera, but I have no control over internal family relationships! But honestly, it was not hard to capture the love of their family at all. They did all the natural work for me! Addison and Isabel are the SWEETEST. They wanted to get all sorts of pictures together, were phenomenal models and easily did everything I asked them to, while looking beautiful!

It’s very evident, just from spending two hours together, that there’s a whole lot of love in Stotz family. If you need proof, just check out the images below 😉

Renee, Garrett, Addison and Isabel, I feel so honored that you chose me to photograph your family. It was truly a pleasure! XOXO

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