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Website Launch Day!

Happy New Year!! It feels odd to say it is 2017, but I feel like it’s going to be an amazing year with lots of new adventures and opportunity!

I am excited AND a good deal anxious for today, as it is Day 1 of being “official” as Kaitlyn Heacock Photography!!  That goes to say that my freelancing days are in the past, and I am a registered small business here in Germany! YAY!

It feels pretty unreal to say that I am a small-business owner. I never thought I would be saying that, let alone in a different country than what we call “home”! But I am so excited to be stepping out into this new adventure!!

I want to say a special thank you to my husband, for his support and encouragement to chase this dream of mine that I/we have been building over the last three years.  He does his fair share of photography research, small business management, and web design research (web design is no joke!) to assist me on my path that led me to today.  Case in point of his support are the pictures below, which he agreed to take yesterday in the FREEZING cold 🙂

Thank you too to my sisters for their feedback on this site before it went live! Also, to my friends from the states who have reached out with encouraging words and wisdom! I love you all, thank you!

Please feel free to explore the site and blog, reach out with any questions, and let me know what you think!

XOXO, Kait

PS. In honor of the occasion, and New Year, I have a special offer going on until the end of February! Click here for more info!


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