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What to Wear | My Recommendations

This post is dedicated to those of us who browse Pinterest and stalk Instagram searching for outfit inspiration come time for professional pictures! I do it too, trust me!

Almost all of my clients have asked me for suggestions on what to wear before their session. I truly enjoy assisting them in their decision and invite them to text me pictures of their outfit(s) [and children’s outfits], if they want an extra opinion.
I also send out a customized “Styling Guide” to full session clients after booking, which details my personal suggestions while prepping for their session and deciding on colors or whether to wear a dress versus shorts, etc.
BUT….the bottom line that I always try to drive home is:
There is never such thing as ‘too dressed up’ for a professional portrait session.


There is never such a thing as "too dressed up"


I believe that classic dress will never go out of style. Your portraits will be with your family forever. Throughout the decades and style fads, your photographs will be displayed on your walls and in photo albums forever.

Dress to impress for now and years to come!


I know (from experience!), that the ladies plan the session. They coordinate with the photographer, decide on outfits for everyone else before choosing theirs, and then on the day of they usher everyone out the door while packing the diaper bag and grabbing snacks to take along the way. It’s exciting and very stressful all in one! 

Ladies, I am specifically asking you to put yourselves first for your session. Decide on YOU, first. Plan everyone else’s outfits around yours, and then let me take care of the rest. I promise you that you will love your images, and love yourself in them.

Hands down, there is nothing more stunning than a dress or a skirt. Both are the most flattering to every female body, and bring movement to your images. The camera loves long, full-length, flowy dresses. So, say yes to the dress, and skip the shorts and pants.


Finally, colors. I recommend softer, lighter tones. Think soft pink, dusty blue, grey, creme, white, or beige. However, certain patterns DO look amazing; such as paisley. I for one, love that print and have worn it for pictures myself. It’s all about what you feel confident in. Stick with your style, but maybe go a little further out on that limb to really let it shine!

Then, once you have your outfit picked out, it’s time to coordinate everyone else. by coordinating, I do not mean matching! I suggest pulling one color from YOUR outfit and play with that shade, classically mixing it into everyone else’s outfit or accessory.

By adhering to this suggestions, I promise you that you will love the results. 

The fact of the matter is, dressing-up for your session just adds something extra special to your photographs. Don’t be afraid to try it for your next or upcoming session!

Just remember, there is no such thing as "too dressed up"!

If you are an expecting mother, I recommend a floor length gown or maxi dress. These dresses create the best silhouettes to flatter your figure and really highlight your baby bump! I suggest checking out PinkBlush; their line of clothing is beautiful and there is something to be found for every body type!

 I have had almost all my female clients mention the area of her body that she is most self-conscious about to me in one way or another. We all recognize that area, so my suggestion for you is to choose your outfit around that area. For example, if your self-conscious area is your arms, consider wearing a three-quarter length sleeve dress, or just bring along a cute jacket or cardigan to wear with a tank or strapless dress. 

Heels: love them or hate them, they elongate your legs and look amazing on camera, especially closed-toe heels! 

Since you coordinated the entire session, you deserve to treat yourself beforehand. Consider seeking professional hair and makeup because it looks beautiful on camera and removes a little pre-photo stress for everyone. If you need suggestions for who to visit in the KMC area, just let me know and I will guide you to the right people!

Thanks for reading!!


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